Tango Fire Yogic Dance

Super, sexy and hot dance by Tango Fire team. This video footage is from a stage show, so the lighting isn’t great on the video. Still, well worth watching once

f you want to have an incredible relationship, then you have to make things interesting in the bedroom. The problem is this is hard to do after spending years with a woman.

There will be times when things have gone cold between you and your girl. That’s why it’s important to try spicing things by playing different sex games.

Here are 3 sex games you can try to make things more interesting:
1- Costume Party
Hey, we all have our specific thoughts which make us instantly turned on. Whether it’s thoughts about “naughty nurses” or “the babysitter”, you probably have a specific fantasy which your women can act out the next time in you’re in the bedroom. Furthermore, she probably has thoughts about being “arrested” by a cop.


By dressing up or acting in a certain role, you can bring a lot of spice to the bedroom by engaging in a bit of role-playing. All you have to do is raid the local costume store during Halloween and you’ll have a wide range of outfits you can use to sexually experiment.


  • Chair Dancing
  • Exotic Lap Dancing
  • Exotic Pole Dancing


Role-playing in a costume is an excellent way to fulfill each other’s fantasies while doing something a bit risqué.

2- Naked photo shoot
At the heart of every woman is an exhibitionist. So an incredible way to make things “interesting” in the bedroom is to do a nude photo shoot. This will definitely bring out her “sexy model” inner tendencies.

Now she might be a little hesitant about doing photographs. If so, you should give her your word that you won’t show them to anyone else. And make sure to keep it. If she is still hesitant, you can let her control how the photos are used.


  • Hot Strip Dancing
  • The Night Club Dance
  • Nude Belly Dancing
  • Burlesque Striptease Dancing


But if you can let her know that she is sexy person and you want to remember her in specific poses, then you get her to do a little photo shoot for you.

3- Do phone sex session
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is especially true when you try to “connect” with your woman over a phone line.

It’s a reality that modern society has forced us to spend more time away from our loved ones. So if you find yourself away from home and you need to full your needs, then you should try doing a little bit of phone sex with your woman.

What’s interesting is LOTS of women love phone sex. Since they tend to be imaginative and love talking, phone sex can be a great way to turn her on. Simply talk about what you “would like to do” to each other and you’ll really get the ball rolling.

Sex games are a great way to bring some excitement into a relationship which has gone cold. If you try out the three games I described in this article, you’ll discover it’s quite easy to make things interesting with your woman.