Romantic Flexible Dance

Romantic Flexible dance for couple

Do this dance everyday – you’ll be young forever.

BTW< this dance is not for everyone – not even for people who are already fit. This dance requires abnormal training, endurance and dedication.

Now watch the video below 🙂

Romance tips to spice-up your love life!

Your sex life is a vital part of a relationship. If you’re able to keep things fun and exciting, then it’ll be easy to please your woman

Unfortunately, there are many times when the sizzle in the bedroom has gone out of a relationship. Even if you’re with the most attractive women in the world, you’ll face some moments when you need to make things more exciting.

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That’s why experimenting with sex games can be an exciting way to spice things up with your women.

For instance, here are 3 great sex games you can try:


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  • Exotic Tantra Kamasutra Dance


1- Peeping Tom & Jane
Ok this tip might be a little extreme…But if you can try a bit of voyeurism with your woman, I guarantee you’ll discover a unique to turn each other on.

In many major cities and urban centers, there are many special clubs and groups where you can go to watch other couples (and individuals) do various acts of sex. The only thing that’s required is to go to one of these places and watch what happens here.

By observing other couples doing stuff, you’ll turn each other on from the excitement. In fact, being a voyeur you’ll probably make things really interesting. You might not make it back to the bedroom before you’re practically tearing each other’s clothes off.

2- Baby you can drive my car
Having sex in a car is a great way to have a thrilling time.

Whether it’s the change of venue or the thrill of getting caught, getting it on in car is quite an aphrodisiac. This is especially true if it’s in a somewhat public place.

While you might have a nice home nearby, it’s still thrilling to pull over into a secluded area and jump into the backseat for a quicky.

3- Make all her fantasies come true
Every man and woman has different fantasies about their sex life. In this particular sex game, you take turns fulfilling one another’s fantasies.

It works like this…
Each of you writes down a list of the things which turn you on. Then you exchange these “fantasy diaries”. Once this happens, it’s up to the other partner to fulfill these fantasies.

Now there might be certain fantasies which don’t jibe with your personal code of ethics. If that is the case, you can simply ignore the ones you don’t like and move on to ones which you know will provide a lot of excitement.

Bringing sex games into your relationship is an excellent way to make things more fun and exciting. If you can experiment with the 3 sex games I described in this article, you’ll discover that it’s quite easy to spice things up.