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The principle objective of ARAUNY is the prevention and abolition of all forms of animal abuse and exploitation. Begun in Rochester NY in 1989, our all-volunteer grassroots nonprofit organization strives to promote a better understanding of the effects of human actions and attitudes toward nonhuman animals. Please join us.  Read more...

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November 26, 2010 (the Friday after Thanksgiving)
Protest Rabbit and Lamb Fur (read more...)
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Natural Oasis

Natural Oasis has been open since 2005 and has evolved into an amazing vegan and Ethiopian restaurant. It was recently reviewed by James Leach of City Magazine of Rochester, who said, "...remarkably good, even astounding, food."

Please call for current hours!

Find them here.

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Upcoming and recent events

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11/26/10 - Friday (day after Thanksgiving)
* EYE CANDY, 320 East Ave, Rochester NY  14604
* 12:00 - 1:30pm
*  Please wear black ~ esp a long BLACK trench-coat if you have one
ARAUNY asks that participants please:
* do NOT wear any animal skin to this demo 
* do NOT shout at customers - we are there to educate, as calmly as possible
Advocate wearing plant-based fabrics: cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, jute, bamboo, and/or synthetic: nylon, dacron, rayon, polyester ...
Presently, Eye Candy is selling Rabbit fur coats, and Lamb (mongolian) fur vests for women.  Eye Candy is new to Rochester this year.  Earlier, they participated in an area fashion show where the blood-money went to the Center for Youth Services.  In an effort to NOT be so predictable this year ~ ARAUNY will be at this (new) location, hosting a peaceful, non-confrontational demo against the selling of Rabbit and Lamb Fur.
The True Price of Fur
Fur-Free Retailers  
Animals do not exist to provide their skin (or anything else!) for our use
= leather, down, silk, fur, cashmere, wool ... nor fur-trim!

September 29, 2010  (Wednesday)
Michael Budkie of SAEN speaks in Rochester NY:
"Life in the Lab: the Hidden Truth about Animal Experimentation"
  • 7:00 pm Power Point Presentation, followed by Q&A 
  • FREE
  • Open to the Public
  • Brighton Town Hall AUDITORIUM, 2300 Elmwood Ave, Rochester NY 14618   (wheelchair accessible elevator at rear entrance)
Michael Budkie is Executive Director of SAEN: Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!.  SAEN was founded in 1996 to force an end to the abuse of animals in laboratories.  Currently on a book tour across the USA, Budkie is selling his new book, "Tear At the Jacket".  This explosive expose' blows lab doors wide open by revealing the horrors of daily lives of primates in laboratories across the USA.  SAEN fights for animals' freedom until all laboratory cages are empty.
Cosponsored by Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY (
and Rochester Area Vegetarian Society ( 
Vegan refreshments by RAVS ~ and AR literature by ARAUNY.

(Daily Offering Vegan Ethics To All In our Lives)
Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY welcomes all to our very first DOVETAIL event, bringing local grassroots, social justice groups together.  A collective gathering of people opposed to all oppression and violence, who have a compassionate awareness of our planet.  Dovetailing our energies for a better world.
  • AUGUST 29th, 2010  (Sunday)
  • 12:00pm begins  (ends approx. 7:00pm)
  • Open to the public  (Dogs welcome too - ON A LEASH)  
CATERED entirely by RAVS  ~ a day-long PICNIC of Vegan foods (,
plus donations from area restaurants (Natural Oasis, Owl House, Golden Dynasty)
and EcoBella Bakery's Vegan and gluten-free goodies!  (
P R O G R A M :
12:00  -    Door Opens ~ (indoor) picnic begins!
12:30  -    debut of the "DOVETAIL SINGERS", a new chorus of activists
1:00   -    HAROLD BROWN, "A Life Connected"  ~ 
                  former farmer turned Vegan/animal advocate (
                *Will discuss the world's common threads of oppression.  Q/A
3:00  -    ANTHONY MARR, "Methane Time Bomb"  ~ 
                from Vancouver, Canada, world renowned environmentalist, wildlife preservationist
                *Will address preventing runaway global heating.  Q/A
4:30  -    Fun with DR. VEGGIE  (Ted Barnett, MD) ~ leads game of *Vegan Jeopardy*
                All are encouraged to discuss and share solutions to get off the grid!
TABLING ~ various grassroots groups and individuals, artists for animals and environment, sharing literature, selling their items (on the other side of the food tables):
-  Artists for Animals: John and Steve Carbonaro, winner of art awards (
-  Nature Photographer:  Ted Barnett
-  RAVS: Rochester Area Vegetarian Society
-  Veg Mondays: Martha Sullivan, Debra Couch, Carol Barnett
-  Green Irene: Margie Campaigne, eco-consultant for home & office energy efficiency
-  EcoBella Bakery:  Jeaninne Ottman
-  Electric Motorcycle and Car:  David Daunce, advisor
-  ARAUNY: Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY, Yetta Panitch
-  and more ... come and see!
SOUTH LODGE @Ellison Park, Rochester NY:
~ just west of Daisy Flour Mill (1880 Blossom Road, 14625)
~ just east of Mercy High School (1437 Blossom Road, 14610)
~  turn south into park, off Blossom Rd, by creek
~  make immediate right (by pond - watch for geese!)
~  follow signs to "South Lodge"  (and posted *DOVETAIL* signs)
~  rustic lodge, wheelchair accessible, picnic tables w/attached benches - no backs!
~  potable water (pump) available outside
~  flush toilets (just 400 yards away, over foot bridge), plus porta-potties
~  pine woods on hillside
~  ample parking
~  Entire event is INSIDE South Lodge  ~
~  and/or  ~ 
RAFFLE TICKETS for a TOTE BAG full of Vegan, Cruelty-Free goodies for anyone
...  no one turned away for inability to donate $$
...  all proceeds will help defray ARAUNY's costs for this event, as we continue to 
work for the prevention and abolition of all forms of animal abuse and exploitation.
Thank you for coming together for the common good.

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